Alex Meiburg / Timeroot

Quantum ⊕ Physics ⊗ Algorithms

ME 140A: Numerical Analysis in Engineering

Fall 2022

Link to the syllabus

The ongoing course notes (last updated: 9/27/22)


Submission via email to ameiburg (at) our school dot edu.

HW1: Due Oct 6thSolutions

HW2: Due Oct 14thSolutions

Midterm 1: Midterm on Oct 18thSolutions

HW3: Due Oct 28thSolutions

HW4: Due Nov 7thSolutions

Midterm 2: Midterm on Nov 15thSolutions

For that midterm, here’s the Extra Credit and the Worked Example for problem 2, and some example MATLAB code for problem 2 so you play around with it.

HW5: Due Nov 21st

HW6: Due Dec 7thMATLAB code download

Final Exam